Charlottesville Area Drummers joined us to rock the house at a recent meeting.



Danny das Wunderzicklein

This kid can flash his age !!!

He is six !!!!!!!

Recent hair growth technology allows even our young jugglers to have facial hair.

Watch the Movie

Team work is the secret to is sarcasm.

Two of the best women jugglers in Virginia

Young juggler, Madison in action.

The future greatest juggler in the world

Our resident Site-Swap juggling master.

This person is not a member in good standing. If you see him call the authorities.

Local DJ and Realtor Aer Stephen. A great juggler....and child entertainer.

Talent pours out of our over 5000 members

Sadly this senoir is looking up at nothing.

Women jugglers learn faster than men....cuz they are smarter.

hip and cool...that's us.

As seen on Americas Most division

Originally form Wales, this juggler eats only shrimp....oh and beer.

Our spiritual leader "TOM" (not his real name), works for a top secret we have to kill you.

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